Men confess things to me

men confess things to me

after eight years she wanted a divorce, what could he do

he doesn't even need these things but he has to mail them somewhere

he's so proud of his daughter

do you want to see a photo, they haven't spoke in five years

honestly he wanted what she wanted

but what if he failed

how could someone trust a person like him

someone who has been wrong

it sucks

how much he still loves her


i saw one of the women i've heard so much about

i envied her, the kind of special no one will gamble 

i pitied her, holding only half a story

the men of my life, do they surrender about me to someone

the someones of their life, do they open a space for them

a space wildflower enough

to say the things they could say to me

but don't 

a space sea enough

to feel the things they could feel for me

but won't

#nationalpoetrymonth day 26


I know my birth mother is sorry

because she tells me every day

Each year she ages

and I don't learn the Korean verbs that matter

The ones that could say,

please, cancel this war

please, stand up

please, hold your fire,

hold anything

Instead, only:

yes I am eating well

are you eating well

yes, I am happy

are you happy

and bogoshipuhyo

I miss you

which is a difficult word to say in any language

except to loved ones who you know you'll see again

and to strangers who you don't want to die afraid

on my adopted mother's tongue it means you are not here

on my birth mother's tongue it means I want to see your face

on my tongue it means you have found me and will not lose me

See, I was sorry before I was ever born

Sometimes an apology will lie to survive

One day my son's grandchildren will forgive us

#nationalpoetrymonth day 25

Dear Fire

dear fire

come home, i miss you

i miss you when i am alone

your blaze a dot

the dot an island 

the island 

an overdeveloped memory

and i miss you when you are here

everything aflame

engulfed in yourself


and seductive and

close, i miss you

i miss you then the most

Dear Water

Dear Water

I'm sorry

for the things I said

last night when you held me

You were just being honest

and I was so afraid of drowning

#nationalpoetrymonth day 22

Day of the Week Poems

++++ SUNDAY ++++

would welcome a big bad wolf in 

facetimes when they could just text

dabbles in bullet journaling

buys themselves flowers

freestyles in the shower

accepts you even if you don't accept you

brings a legit dish to the potluck

effortlessly funny

++++ MONDAY ++++

horror film buff

considers themselves lucky

heavily invested in their kids science fair projects

taught themselves piano

bad at names, great at faces

does chores to relax

owns a pair of binoculars

life is full of potential, loves costco, buys 33 oz of avocado oil, never tried it, sounds cool

++++ TUESDAY ++++

texts if they're gonna be late

takes good care of their language

probably the boss

25% tip no matter how bad the service

will light the world on fire and start a new one for their friends

could charm a velociraptor

never not solving problems

prays kind of

++++ WEDNESDAY ++++

wants to believe

compliments the hell out of you, would make a worm feel worthy

literally never frowns

actually curious, how are you?

surprisingly good at darts

can cook three things very well

friends since childhood

communication minor

++++ THURSDAY ++++

so grumpy it's charming

loves knives and kittens

made an excel spreadsheet to prepare for your vacation

loud like their heart

the nicest fighter you know

volunteered in their kid's classroom, menu planned, went to the moon, and called their legislators before you got out of the shower

worrying is their love language

++++ FRIDAY ++++

consistently 10 minutes late

follows astrologers on instagram

always down to picnic

unafraid to be honest with themselves

can turn a waiting room into a party

randomly sings things instead of saying them

get someone who looks at you the way they look at you

casually hyperbolic

++++ SATURDAY ++++

would carry a piano down a flight of stairs if it'd help you out

has not outgrown making silly faces

applauds your underappreciated talents

uses words like "gratitude" and "sparkle situation" and "last weekend when I was roller skating"

forgives all their family members

does not stick to the grocery list 

impeccable sense of direction

humble af

#nationalpoetrymonth, days 14-20

Writing Hacks

Make out with a poem in an elevator

Apply poems to insect bites

Rub poems on steaks

Hand wash your poems

Look a poem in the eyes

Climb a poem

Drink plenty of poems

Don't text your ex-poems

Push your poems in when you leave

Break a poem apart and use it to make new poems

Throw poems at weddings

Shoot a poem, hook a poem, gather poems in the wild

Prepare poems for winter

Share with your neighbors

#nationalpoetrymonth, day 13

Small space hacks

Opt for a bedframe with drawers

Install shelves above the door

Women: get an ax and chop 20% off all your furniture

(Women of color: chop more)

Get creative with storage!

Hide yourself in nesting baskets

Hide your baskets inside a table

Hide your table inside a poem

Screw your poems

into lamps

Save space

Do more with less

#nationalpoetrymonth day 12

Travel Hacks

Discover another

Find the compass in each other

Take off all your clothes

and get lost

#nationalpoetrymonth day 11

Parenting Hack

Go easy on your child

You too are someone's child

even their grandparents

are the grandchildren of children

We all inherit the broken tools of brilliant people

See, the eldest of us still

has not outgrown suffering

You are built to withstand

your grandmother's demons

of course you break

in the same places

That's why you know what I know:

it takes courage to hold your own child.

Sometimes their tears

are the same tears

you've been crying

for generations

#nationalpoetrymonth, day 10

Productivity Hacks

Wake up early

Unmake your bed


take it all apart

Tangle the sheets, throw the pillows

uncomfort the comforter

break the bedframe

like a wild dream

Call your crushes and describe them

Make mistakes in front of your children and learn from them

Nonviolently rob an unethical bank

Say yes to yourself

Alternate walking and skipping

Overthrow corrupt governments

and/or delegate

Empower others ftw

(v efficient life hack)

share your knowledge and skills

Write and schedule your ideal press releases ahead of time, like, years ahead of time, just do it

Pick out your outfit the night before revolution

Use templates when replying to racists

Swallow a bomb, become an artist

Make your own tools

Control your calendar

Teach it to sit and roll over

Give it treats

Kiss your lovers, surprise them, deliver lunch, go to the thing

Text them, sext them

Download 1000 apps

Make a wish

Set a reminder to email yourself your to do list

Light your phone on fire

Drink 8 glasses of water


as many times as you need to 


#nationalpoetrymonth, day 9