Mother's Day

I'm a single mom of a young kid so sometimes Mother's Day is more thorns than roses, more roundhouse than home, the kind of holiday that get picked last in gym class. But today SunWoo wakes up and the first thing he does is snuggle next to me and say "Happy Mother's Day!" I hug him, all stunned and drowsy, I say thank you, and I break it to him that Mother's Day is actually tomorrow. Now all day long he's been keeping a secret from me about some surprise he has for me in the morning.

And I'm like, how did he make a celebration out of us? Us, a kid raising a kid, us, burnt pancakes, us, scooter races. Homework fights us, too tired to read tonight us, elaborate valentines us, stay away from the edge us. Chore chart us, new chore chart us, snooze button us, endless shel Silverstein poems us. Bad homemade Halloween costume us, messy bedroom us, kiss it better us, sidewalk conversation us, skip bath night us, picnic in the living room us, fancy ramen us, stay home day us.

Sweet child. Curious child. Forgiving and graceful child. For how long have you been capturing our laughter in balloons? Who taught you how to holiday, how to turn a day into a gift? How did you learn to love me into surprise, surprise me into wonder, wonder me into joy, over and over and over again.