Love You More Than

Perhaps the best part of the day, and there were many precious ones to choose from, was when SunWoo and I made up a word game called I LOVE YOU MORE THAN in which we take turns making up terms or concepts that we love each other more than. Of course as a writer this was one of the best Mother's Day activities ever. I love him more than every caterpillar in the world lined up from end to end and he loves me more than every raindrop. I love him more than a belly full of sushi and he loves me more than the Pacific Ocean. I thought I was winning with loving him more than all the clouds stuffed into one amazing pillow, but when he told me he loved me more than every single single single single single rose, tulip, thorn, and horse carcass in the world, I admitted defeat.


Anyway, Happy Mother's Day to all you moms out there, in your many forms and faces, and to all who mother, in your many beautiful, radical ways. Love you more than.