The Binoculars

Community. Whoever left my son the pair of old binoculars on our doorstep this morning, dressed up in a beautiful box with a bird on it, tied with a flower, unsigned but with a note to him about there being so much to see in the world: Thank you. He's wearing them today. He can barely handle the joy, the mystery. He held them up to his eyes and said you can see everything with them.

Not true, I thought, the magnification of a thing is not the whole thing. Zoom is relative, your eyes will betray you. A world inside a world is not necessarily a more beautiful world. The devil is in the details, he will cut you with his teeth.

But you're not supposed to give your children the dark, neurotic play by play of your terrified mothering, so I smiled and agreed.

"Everything?" I asked, full of wonder. "Amazing."

I want to see the everything world. Curious, endless, brimming with light. Take care of yourselves today. May a new view come into focus.