MATT LAUER WAS FIRED WITHIN 36 HOURS OF BEING ACCUSED OF SEXUAL MISCONDUCT. Matt frickin Lauer. Everyone loves Matt, he’s like the neighbor your dad always mentions and secretly wants you to marry. He walks dogs, he’d open your door, he’d offer you gum if you were waiting somewhere together. I grew up with that dude in my living room; he was a part of our breakfast pyramid, like choosy moms choose jif and they also choose Matt Lauer. Every boys club wants a Matt Lauer. Every basketball team wants a Matt Lauer. I can’t even pick him out of a crowd anymore bc I grew up with Matt Lauers in the classroom and Matt Lauers at the airport and Matt Lauers at meetings and I’ve been followed by Matt Lauers and I’ve worked for Matt Lauers and I’ve been groped by Matt Lauers

A Matt Lauer has driven me to his house and not driven me home till morning. A Matt Lauer planted an earthquake inside me, it was the quietest way to destroy me. A Matt Lauer never loses friends, a Matt Lauer goes to work as usual, I have torn myself apart before I’ve torn Matt Lauer apart.

and then NBC FIRES MATT LAUER ANYWAY!! and I’m not crying, you’re crying!!! Bc everyone loves Matt and finally it’s not enough. Bc the tremors are real. Bc the whole country is shifting. Bc we’re making examples out of the powerful and putting the good ol boys in time out. Bc their money won’t save them, their face won’t save them, their parents won’t even save them.

Bc it’s a new morning.

Bc I’ve been asked to protect abusers my whole life and this, THIS is the today show I’ve been waiting for.