Just as when I pointed the “geisha-inspired” piece out, I offer the following poem not to incite racism but rather to hold a mirror up to it. Racism is powerful, and there are consequences if you speak against it. This is one way it thrives. From character attacks to references of violence, we implicitly and explicitly send the message that if you confront racism, you will be punished. 

In making this poem I used direct quotes from the last six days.

Content Warning: racism, profanity


a found poem

Fuck you Christy NaMee Eriksen

Christy NaMee Eriksen’s obvious white hatred

She’s actually embracing racism herself to use it as a weapon

Christy is lying

Racist fucker

Dumb cunt

disingenuous bullshit

personal issues

what is lacking in her life that she chose to lash out at this piece

This chick is an asshole

Be nice

and teach your damn kids to be nice at it while your at it

Quick being butt hurt about everything

Save the complaining for real issues

I am disgusted by her

The way the person went about it is wrong

It's good to have a conversation, but the reaction by CNE was not appropriate

Moving us backwards in progress

You have slapped, punched, and defiled my family

Her methods can be abrasive, hurtful, and can alienate

One lady complaining and she caused basically a riot

One person who was fanning the flames




Put that in your kimchi and choke on it

I will never step foot in her shop again

I would like to rip christy apart

People like christy namee eriksen need to be checked

whacked out racist Korean woman

You are racist, Chick. 

probably wishes she could BBQ my dog

this is a woman who is openly racist against white people

when it comes to RACISM, INTOLERANCE, SEPARATISM AND FLAT OUT IDIOCY you take the cake

making white people feel like shit just because we are white

There are literally counselors to help people who choose to be offended over nothing. 

this chick just wanted to be something

Fuck off, fuck right the hell off

she doesn’t care about our feelings


she thinks we are stupid and need books to educate ourselves

don’t do me any favors bitch

cancer on society

please explain to me why this piece is racial discrimination

what I see is Beauty

beautiful piece of cultural appreciation



beautiful and intricate

the beauty, the respect, the confident power

beautiful representation

something beautiful

something beautiful

absolutely STUNNING

not a mockery, just brilliant

what makes you special