Men confess things to me

men confess things to me

after eight years she wanted a divorce, what could he do

he doesn't even need these things but he has to mail them somewhere

he's so proud of his daughter

do you want to see a photo, they haven't spoke in five years

honestly he wanted what she wanted

but what if he failed

how could someone trust a person like him

someone who has been wrong

it sucks

how much he still loves her


i saw one of the women i've heard so much about

i envied her, the kind of special no one will gamble 

i pitied her, holding only half a story

the men of my life, do they surrender about me to someone

the someones of their life, do they open a space for them

a space wildflower enough

to say the things they could say to me

but don't 

a space sea enough

to feel the things they could feel for me

but won't

#nationalpoetrymonth day 26