Beauty Hacks


Dry your hair with a t-shirt instead of a towel

Go to bed early

Smash the patriarchy

it's bad for your skin

Excuse yourself from irritating conversations 

Dispute unrealistic expectations of you

Indulge in fantastic company

Cook your ancestors' comfort food

Wear your seatbelt

Seek good lighting

Reject eurocentric misogynistic interpretations of your body

Decolonize your spirit

Exercise your magic

Do up your hair before bed

your dreams deserve you

Reward yourself

honor the small stuff

praise the parts of you that are working so hard and then give them a break

Find the parts of you that are hiding

and then give them a hug


Get ugly sometimes

It’s okay, it’s not for forever

Hold the door open for strangers

Let them open doors for you, too


Wear blessings in layers

then you’re always prepared

Communicate about what brings you pleasure


Never wear shoes that will inhibit you from being fully and comfortably you

or that could fall off should you need to run at midnight

Also, avoid destinies where you are afraid someone will see you as your true self

Also, find alternate ways to escape oppression that are not men with unhealthy boundaries

Try a liberation capsule: pick 37 essentials that make you feel free

Choose breathable fabrics

Blot your lipstick

Feel your feelings

Be bold

with yourself

You were born with it

#nationalpoetrymonth, day 8