Productivity Hacks

Wake up early

Unmake your bed


take it all apart

Tangle the sheets, throw the pillows

uncomfort the comforter

break the bedframe

like a wild dream

Call your crushes and describe them

Make mistakes in front of your children and learn from them

Nonviolently rob an unethical bank

Say yes to yourself

Alternate walking and skipping

Overthrow corrupt governments

and/or delegate

Empower others ftw

(v efficient life hack)

share your knowledge and skills

Write and schedule your ideal press releases ahead of time, like, years ahead of time, just do it

Pick out your outfit the night before revolution

Use templates when replying to racists

Swallow a bomb, become an artist

Make your own tools

Control your calendar

Teach it to sit and roll over

Give it treats

Kiss your lovers, surprise them, deliver lunch, go to the thing

Text them, sext them

Download 1000 apps

Make a wish

Set a reminder to email yourself your to do list

Light your phone on fire

Drink 8 glasses of water


as many times as you need to 


#nationalpoetrymonth, day 9